[racket] Package: What to do about an "examples" subdir -- can it be ignored?

From: Greg Hendershott (greghendershott at gmail.com)
Date: Fri Apr 5 14:38:07 EDT 2013

I just made rackjure and markdown into packages for Not-Named-Planet-2. ;)

This was easy to do!  It went well (unless someone informs me it did
not go well).

Next, I want to make frog into a package.

Currently it's:

  <source files>
  example/   # an example site -- purely example, not a unit test

I understand I need to shift it down to:

    <source files>

My question is what to do about example/ ?

1. If it put it under frog/frog with the source, then it will be part
of the `frog` collection. Unfortunately it will be buried in some
collections folder the user might not know to examine (as was the case
with Planet 1).  So it's sort of hidden deadweight.

2. If I leave `example` at the top, under frog/ then it would seem
like a "collection" named `example`. Trying to raco setup it won't
cause an error, but, that doesn't seem right.

3. Maybe the best choice is to ignore it, in the sense of .gitignore.
Users could still refer to it on GitHub, but it wouldn't be installed
at all via raco pkg install.

But, is 3 even possible -- is there a ".pkgignore" equivalent of .gitignore?

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