[racket] scriblogify/module+ quirk?

From: Patrick King (slowthought at gmail.com)
Date: Sat Sep 15 23:05:01 EDT 2012

Windows 7, latest 64 bit Racket, latest Scriblogify from Planet.

C:\...\Source\SlowFlight\Blog>raco scriblogify -p SlowFlight 12-09-15.scrbl
file-or-directory-modify-seconds: `read' access denied for

The scribble file renders fine from within DrRacket, and the file
test-private.rkt is not directly referenced
in the scribble file. The only references to the file are from within
(module+ test ...) in other source files
in private.

So does scriblogify have issues with module+? why should it even be LOOKING
for test-private.rkt?


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