[racket] [plt-edu-talk] Does a Scheme procedure "return" a value?

From: Justin Zamora (justinzamora at gmail.com)
Date: Fri Sep 7 22:30:11 EDT 2012

I think you hit on the distinction when you use the terms "procedure" and
"procedure application". It is correct to say that a procedure returns a
value and that an application of that procedure has a value. (since Scheme
has first-class procedures, it's also true that a procedure has a value,
but that's a more advanced topic.)

On Sep 7, 2012 8:47 PM, "Ellen Spertus" <spertus at mills.edu> wrote:

> I can't help feeling a twinge when I refer to a Scheme procedure
> "returning" a value, since I think my own teachers instead spoke of a
> procedure application as having, not returning, a value.  Is it wrong to
> speak of a procedure returning a value?  If so, how bad is it, and what is
> it recommended that I say instead?  FWIW, we use PLAI as our textbook.
> Thanks.
> Ellen
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