[racket] Reading bibtex files

From: Laurent (laurent.orseau at gmail.com)
Date: Mon May 21 09:46:54 EDT 2012


I would like to use scriblib/bibtex which looks like a wonderful tool, but
I can't seem to have it work:

#lang racket
(require scriblib/bibtex)

  ~cite citet generate-bibliography)

fails with:

../../usr/lib/racket- read-entry:
Parsing entry, expected , or }, got #\return; label is
"hochreiter_long_1997"; atag is "pages"; aval is "1735--1780" @ line 9
column 0 byte 219

The offending bib entry, which is the first in the file, is:
    author = {Hochreiter, S. and Schmidhuber, J.},
    title = {Long {Short-Term} Memory},
    volume = {9},
    number = {8},
    journal = {Neural Computation},
    year = {1997},
    pages = {1735--1780}

but all other entries I tested alone failed too.
I tried adding "," after the pages, after the last "}", change {} to "",
but no success.

Do I use it incorrectly?

(Plus I'd like to use it in slideshow, if anyone has something for that...)

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