[racket] Recent GIT HEAD Breakage On Linux

From: Robby Findler (robby at eecs.northwestern.edu)
Date: Mon May 14 08:17:16 EDT 2012

(Sorry it has taken me so long to reply to this.)

What was in the definitions window when you did this?

The stack trace makes me think that there is something wrong with the
language in the definitions window and something wrong with DrRacket's
error recover code in that case, as that's what DrRacket seems to be
doing is to try get some information from the language to use to
determine if the expression you're editing in the REPL is a complete
expression or not (ie if the return is just a newline, or if it should
submit the expression for evaluation).


On Wed, May 9, 2012 at 8:11 PM, Ray Racine <ray.racine at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Recently (1-2 weeks?) GIT HEAD stopped working for me with the following
> error.  This happens in DrRacket when I attempt to use the REPL (hit the Run
> button, get the prompt, enter anything <rtn>, and BORK!! as below).
>  Everything else in DrRacket is flawless, editing, TypedRacket performance,
> check syntax etc.
> This is on a Linux, Fedora 16 64 bit.  Racket is built fresh after a git
> clean -fdx.
> [ray at ray pgm]$ racket/gui/base is not available
>  === context ===
> /usr/local/racket/collects/racket/sandbox.rkt:94:0: sandbox-make-namespace
> /usr/local/racket/collects/racket/sandbox.rkt:430:0:
> make-evaluation-namespace
> /usr/local/racket/collects/racket/sandbox.rkt:672:0: make-evaluator*
> /usr/local/racket/collects/drracket/private/module-language.rkt:105:6:
> init-sandbox
> /usr/local/racket/collects/drracket/private/module-language.rkt:92:6:
> get-language-info method in .../module-language.rkt:88:4
> /usr/local/racket/collects/drracket/private/rep.rkt:924:6: submit-to-port?
> method in ...cket/private/rep.rkt:389:4
> /usr/local/racket/collects/framework/private/text.rkt:2166:4: on-local-char
> method in ...ork/private/text.rkt:2002:2
> /usr/local/racket/collects/mred/private/wxme/editor-canvas.rkt:446:2:
> on-char method in editor-canvas%
> /usr/local/racket/collects/racket/private/more-scheme.rkt:151:2:
> call-with-break-parameterization
> /usr/local/racket/collects/racket/private/more-scheme.rkt:268:2:
> call-with-exception-handler
> /usr/local/racket/collects/mred/private/wx/gtk/window.rkt:631:4:
> dispatch-on-char method in window%
> /usr/local/racket/collects/mred/private/wx/common/queue.rkt:445:6
> /usr/local/racket/collects/mred/private/wx/common/queue.rkt:485:32
> /usr/local/racket/collects/mred/private/wx/common/queue.rkt:633:3
> channel-put: expected argument of type <channel>; given: #f
>  === context ===
> /usr/local/racket/collects/racket/private/misc.rkt:168:2: channel-put
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