[racket] Fwd: Re: [racket-bug] all/12627: JIT buffer overflow on OpenBSD 5.0 amd64

From: Matthew Flatt (mflatt at cs.utah.edu)
Date: Mon Mar 12 10:22:42 EDT 2012

At line 2609 of "src/racket/src/jitcommon.c",

  jit_movi_p(JIT_V1, scheme_on_demand_jit_code);

should be

  (void)jit_patchable_movi_p(JIT_V1, scheme_on_demand_jit_code);

In other words, the comment on the original line above is wrong, and
jit_patchable_movi_p() needs to be used instead of jit_movi_p().

Thanks for the report!

At Mon, 12 Mar 2012 12:45:15 +0200, Lars Engblom wrote:
> Hello,
> I have made a bug report, but in case it is not a bug I also want to ask here for help. Developers and 
> users have sometimes different way to look at the problem. The link to the bug report can be found 
> down in the confirmation mail I got.
> Shortly, my problem is that I am not able to compile racket 5.2.1 on OpenBSD. I get this error message:
> cd gc2; make all
> make xsrc/precomp.h
> env XFORM_PRECOMP=yes ../racketcgc -cqu ../../../racket/gc2/xform.rkt --setup . --cpp "gcc -E -I./.. 
> -I../../../racket/gc2/../include -pthread    -DMZ_NO_ICONV"  --keep-lines -o xsrc/precomp.h 
> ../../../racket/gc2/precomp.c
> JIT buffer overflow: 0x2093f1a35 [0x2093ee020,0x2093f1a30] (1)!!
> Abort trap (core dumped)
> Regards,
>  Lasse
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