[racket] Fwd: Re: [racket-bug] all/12627: JIT buffer overflow on OpenBSD 5.0 amd64

From: Lars Engblom (lars.engblom at kimitotelefon.fi)
Date: Mon Mar 12 06:45:15 EDT 2012


I have made a bug report, but in case it is not a bug I also want to ask 
here for help. Developers and users have sometimes different way to look 
at the problem. The link to the bug report can be found down in the 
confirmation mail I got.

Shortly, my problem is that I am not able to compile racket 5.2.1 on 
OpenBSD. I get this error message:

cd gc2; make all
make xsrc/precomp.h
env XFORM_PRECOMP=yes ../racketcgc -cqu ../../../racket/gc2/xform.rkt 
--setup . --cpp "gcc -E -I./.. -I../../../racket/gc2/../include 
-pthread    -DMZ_NO_ICONV"  --keep-lines -o xsrc/precomp.h 
JIT buffer overflow: 0x2093f1a35 [0x2093ee020,0x2093f1a30] (1)!!
Abort trap (core dumped)


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Thank you very much for your problem report.
It has the internal identification `all/12627'.
You can check on the status of your problem report at

If you wish to provide further information regarding this problem
you can do so as a reply to this message.  (But please make sure
that your mailer replies to both "bugs" and "bug-notification".)

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