[racket] What math do you want to do in Racket?

From: Pierpaolo Bernardi (olopierpa at gmail.com)
Date: Sat Jun 30 20:44:16 EDT 2012

I want in racket all that my hp50g can do.

And since you are at it, you could also port the combinatorica library
to racket.

I hope all of you have enjoyed the extra second we have just had today!  Cheers!


2012/7/1, Neil Toronto <neil.toronto at gmail.com>:
> Being a glutton for punishment, I've decided to write a `math'
> collection to be shipped with Racket. I'm writing it in Typed Racket, so
> Typed Racket programs that `(require math)' can apply mathematical
> functions with no overhead and regular Racket programs will incur only
> the usual contract checks. Also, Vincent's TR optimizer will fill the
> math collection with rainbows and sunshine.
> I know what *I* want in a math library: statistics (for my research) and
> basic linear algebra (for `plot'). What do *you* want?
> (FWIW, this started with Antonio asking for inverse hyperbolic functions
> on the dev mailing list. I just did those today, and factorial,
> log-factorial, gamma, and log-gamma yesterday.)
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