[racket] Racket development: Running/compiling from source rather than from a pre-built collection

From: Patrick Mahoney (paddy.mahoney at gmail.com)
Date: Tue Jul 24 18:52:56 EDT 2012

Hello All,

I forked the github Racket repo, and created a new branch in order to
update Frtime from the scheme or mzscheme #langs to Racket. This has been
progressing well, until I ran into a small issue that I think likely
affects most individuals working on Racket source for which collections
exist in the collection paths.

(module animation frtime

-Despite making changes to the frtime language, excising the scheme and
mzscheme languages within the source that was checked out, it became
apparent that this declaration and others referring to collections were
relying on the imports defined from the mzscheme lang. After running Check
Syntax, right-clicking on the lang declaration, and opening the files all
the way down to a file where changes had been made (say lang-utils.rkt),
the unedited source was visible. This source showing (sans my edits) was
that found within the C:/Program Files/Racket/collects/frtime directory,
rather than my github racket source directory.

How does one go about unregistering a collection such that all references
to that collection subsequently look not into the collections directory,
but compile and run the files from within your checked out source? I guess
this question could likely could be generalized to, "How do Racket
developers make edits to source files backing collections and run them
without references to collections referring to the pre-compiled
collections, or those in the Racket installation?". I am interested in how
to resolve this problem, and I apologize that I don't yet know the language
well enough to formulate the problem in the correct terms.

Can anyone provide some guidance here?

For anyone interested in the branch itself, find it at:

Thank you all!
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