[racket] Error trying to use "Snooze: Object Relational Mapping of PLT Structures"

From: 刘 伦 (pylipala at gmail.com)
Date: Sat Jul 7 01:58:57 EDT 2012


I want to write a little web server using PostgreSQL as database. I found an OR-mapping library on PLaneT which is called "Snooze". I follow its doc on:


and write below code:

#lang scheme/base

(require (planet untyped/snooze:2)
         (planet untyped/snooze:2/postgresql8/postgresql8))

  (make-snooze (make-database
               #:server "localhost"
               #:port 5432
               #:database "testdb"
               #:username "test"
               #:password "te5t"
               #:ssl 'no)))
(provide (all-from-out (planet untyped/snooze:2))

Then I click the "Check Syntax" button inDrRacket, after a while it pops error below:

. ../../../Library/Racket/planet/300/5.2.1/cache/cce/scheme.plt/6/3/contract.ss:319:30: expand: unbound identifier in module in: proj-get

I found the file "contract.ss" but I really do not know how to correct this.
Could someone help me?

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