[racket] Mark Tarver is the man!

From: Mark Engelberg (mark.engelberg at gmail.com)
Date: Sun Jan 1 18:42:23 EST 2012

The PLT team clearly cares passionately about creating and maintaining
real, usable languages and tools.  That is why Racket exists.  Very
few academic projects produce anything nearly as useful and

I find your comparison to Shen somewhat ironic, because, as much as I
admire Shen, I think the PLT team has produced something of far
greater practicality, with substantially better tools and

Research is also valuable, and it is sad that you do not appreciate
its value.  The papers produced by the PLT team are exceptional.  Some
are already landmarks, and some will undoubtedly fuel the way people
think when designing the next generation of programming languages.
The beauty of Racket is that you get the benefits of that research
right now.  If you don't care about those innovations, you have dozens
of other mainstream programming languages to choose from.

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