[racket] sad user face?

From: Stefan Schmiedl (s at xss.de)
Date: Sun Feb 19 03:32:18 EST 2012

On Sat, 18 Feb 2012 23:31:03 -0500
David Van Horn <dvanhorn at ccs.neu.edu> wrote:

> On 2/18/12 9:23 PM, J. Ian Johnson wrote:
> > More important than the word choice, the representative character of the book is male. Potential female readers will not see this book as for them because they don't identify with the icon. There should be a male/female team or an ambiguous space slug.
> The book features at least one team comprised of both males and females: 
> the authors.  But I'll be sure to pass along what you guys think.

Have you read Knuth's "Surreal numbers" http://www-cs-staff.stanford.edu/~uno/sn.html ?

It does not have fencing, pirates or giants, but it does have
math, mystery and (hopefully) true love :-)

"This is why Science and Mathematics are still much fun:
You discover things that seem impossible to be true
and then get to figure out why it's impossible for them not to be."

            -- Vi Hart: Spirals, Fibonacci, and Being a Plant, Part 3

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