[racket] We need volunteers to test WeScheme!

From: Danny Yoo (dyoo at hashcollision.org)
Date: Wed Aug 8 15:29:38 EDT 2012

We have revamped the error reporting infrastructure in WeScheme.  In
particular, we've [1] implemented the color-coding proposal proposed
by Guillaume Marceau et al [2].  We are looking for volunteers to hit
our test site and let us know if  they see strange output from the
colored error highlighting.

Please visit:


and try snippets of code that should produce errors.

For a few examples:



    (define (f x) (* x x))
    (f 3 4 5)

    (/ 1 2 3 (- 1 1))

You should see colored highlighting for each one of these cases.  More

    * The referents in syntax errors should color highlight where
appropriate.  Clicking on the colored links should focus their
location in the definitions window.

    * Certain runtime errors, such as procedure arity mismatch, should
highlight the affected arguments at runtime.  Others include division
by zero and other type error checks.

We'd appreciate your feedback and bug reports!


[1] By "we", I mean the following excellent folks:

    * Michael Rowland
    * Andrew Tian
    * Daniel Kocoj

[2] http://cs.brown.edu/~sk/Publications/Papers/Published/mfk-mind-lang-novice-inter-error-msg/

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