[racket] Is there some Web services and XML libraries ?

From: Neil Van Dyke (neil at neilvandyke.org)
Date: Sun Oct 9 21:00:26 EDT 2011

I have done a lot of this for different kinds of Web services created by 
different organizations.  Usually, they are not using a standard 
HTTP-based RPC mechanism, but just sending ad-hoc XML over HTTP.

Usually, I do normal HTTP requests, and then use SXML tools like SSAX, 
SXPath, and sxml-match to parse the results.

For documentation on how to do HTTP from Racket, see the Racket 
Documentation (from DrRacket, select "Help -> Help Desk" menu item, or 
whatever it is called in your preferred language).

For documentation on the SXML tools, you will have to Google search each 
one of them.  You can obtain the SXML tools from 
"http://planet.racket-lang.org/", but the documentation there is not 
good for most of the tools.

Feel free to ask more questions on this email list.

FloreNce de Borchgrave wrote at 10/08/2011 04:06 PM:
> Hi , I would like to use your technologie for importing and manage 
> Datas in XML from web services API online,
> Where can I found documentation and informations on libraries needed 
> for that task ? which library for web services and xml requests and 
> traitments ?

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