[racket] Liitin screencast tutorial

From: Neil Van Dyke (neil at neilvandyke.org)
Date: Sun Mar 6 07:05:23 EST 2011

Stephen De Gabrielle wrote at 03/06/2011 06:19 AM:
> Am I right in assuming that no-one has yet thought of a way to introduce a 'social contract' and appropriate govenrance? even in small organisation that are (just) large enough to see some benefit.

People thought about social contracts and such for human network media 
long before MySpace/Facebook/Twitter.  At the moment, the most popular 
network media is so crude, and yet so commercially exploitable, that we 
have spawned thousands of posturing pundits with designer eyeglasses, 
clouding the space of thinking.  :)  Plus, I expect that most people are 
biased by the status quo to keep regurgitating the same buzzwords, 
rather than taking a step back and looking forward as people did 
*before* everyone was on the Web.  We are rediscovering, but slowly.

Yes, there's application here for social contracts, mitigating 
mechanisms, etc., and we do have them.  I look at originating these 
intelligently as a system design and management problem, in which you 
have these partially-specifiable computational elements with strengths 
and weaknesses, and social and technological mechanisms for coordinating 
them, leveraging their strengths, mitigating their weaknesses, and 
seeing what desirable emergent behavior/effects you can get out of all that.

By all means, go forth and execute on ambitious projects.  A percentage 
of efforts will stick, by virtue of merit, appeal, machination, and 
happenstance.  But don't assume that ideas have not been thought of 
before, since there are few ideas not already conceived.  Often, ideas 
were thought of by people smarter and more prescient than ourselves, 
long before we were even born. :)


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