[racket] Distribution strategy

From: Max Polk (maxpolk at gmail.com)
Date: Wed Jul 13 08:35:04 EDT 2011

I need some common wisdom.

When once distributing a Python script, I ran into incompatibilities between users on different platforms whose installed interpreter was a lower version that the target version of the script.  Instead of forcing users to upgrade their interpreter, I downgraded the script.  Python 3 is moving along quite well, but can I even write Python 3 scripts? (rhetorical question)

On Linux there are Python script distribution schemes in place, where things typically reside, and Linux distributions have policies for creating packages for your python scripts.  I'm not so sure about Perl script distribution on Linux.

And now to Scheme.  I wish to distribute Racket-supported R6RS scripts, and now I face a similar challenge.  Am I going to be forced to create binary distributions for every platform?  Is there a degree of sadness others feel about the lack of a presence of a standard interpreter we can just assume will be there?  But then, even getting people to install Scheme on various platforms, won't I then face version incompatibilities ("you need R6RS, not R5RS", etc), distributing the script alone, taking me back to binary distributions again?

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