[racket] overlay and overlay/xy

From: Marc L. Smith (mlsmith at cs.vassar.edu)
Date: Sun Jan 30 23:00:57 EST 2011

I taught from HtDP/2e last semester, using 2htdp/image, and had similar
experiences with my students playing with overlay/xy. I must admit it wasn't
what I expected after using overlay, and I agree with Don. With the caveat
that I'm not concerned about backward compatibility, I would prefer to see
overlay/xy updated to be consistent with overlay, in the way Don described.
Short of this possibility, a revision to the documentation would also be
helpful...  :-)

Thanks to Don for articulating this behavior so well, and to Robby for
soliciting further opinions!


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I find this to be a compelling argument but I am worried about
backwards compatibilty for others.

The least I can do is a better job documenting this (and thanks to
your message I think I'll be able to do that) but I'm not sure about
changing the semantics.

Do others that may depend on 2htdp/image have an opinion?

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