[racket] Installing on Ubuntu, "command not found"

From: Don Blaheta (dblaheta at monm.edu)
Date: Wed Jan 26 16:03:06 EST 2011

Quoth Todd O'Bryan:
> You might try installing it from the PPA that Jon Rafkind set up:
> Information page: https://launchpad.net/~plt/+archive/racket

Hmm, I'll file this for future reference, but this:

> I saw something similar and the problem was that I was running 64-bit
> Ubuntu and the script installs 32-bit binaries, so I needed to install
> the 32-bit compatibility libraries. I think they're called
> lib-32-something, but can't remember exactly.

ftw.  Apparently a 32/64 bit incompatibility is helpfully reported as
"command not found", which is impossible to search for, but once I had
the above details I found a few pages that gave more info; on their
recommendation I installed the following packages:

  lib32gcc1 lib32stdc++6 lib32asound2 lib32ncurses5 ia32-libs

(possibly not all required in the Racket case, but I installed them all
anyway).  Everything seems to be working now.

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