[racket] Expanding frozen Racket core - limitations of universal touring machine

From: Jukka Tuominen (jukka.tuominen at finndesign.fi)
Date: Sat Jan 15 07:16:49 EST 2011

Hi all,

Regarding Liitin project...

Imagine the following setup:

- A read-only OS environment (networked, unified number crunchers)
- Access to infinite amount of data (external, global database objects)
- Limitless processing power
(actually both data and processing power are limited at any given time, but
endlessly expanding during time)

Now, imagine the read-only OS was a snapshot of Racket+Linux+stuff, a few
years ago.

- Given the above, I wonder if there are any theoretical limits preventing
to achieve all the same functionality that are in the current or future
Racket versions, but only utilising the external data source? Some
optimising issues are obvious, but other than that?
- What actually has changed in Racket(PLT-Scheme) during years, other than
- How would you create new primitives? E.g. embedding binaries inside lambda
definition or something, as long as the next abstraction levels don't have
to worry or even know about it. For example, those "futures" discussed
currently on this list -  how would you add them afterwards?
- Are there any critical things to prepare before taking the snapshot (force
to read-only mode)?

br, jukka

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