[racket] webcam hooks in racket?

From: Ben Dean (benjamin.dean at aya.yale.edu)
Date: Tue Jan 11 02:00:13 EST 2011

I'm wondering how much it would take to get frame-by-frame output from a
webcam using Racket. My desultory searching hasn't turned anything up, so
I'm hoping someone has a hint or two. This wouldn't involve any networking
or remote access, but I would like to be able to acquire a stream of frames
(video only, no audio) that I can manipulate with my favorite language,
ideally playing them back in real or near real time, though not necessarily
in their original order. I've worked with Flash's video API, and a bit with
Processing's (a long time ago) so I might be able to work something out with
those or Max/MSP, but given the way I want to handle the data downstream,
Racket really feels like the best choice, so ideally I'd like to get the
frames into Racket as early as possible. Plus, it'd give me an opportunity
to learn a ton, writing some real scheme. Thanks for the help!

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