[racket] Input Issues

From: Bill Hager (whager+plt at gmail.com)
Date: Mon Jan 10 20:50:42 EST 2011

I just saw the string Alexandre Moreira started a few days ago.  No need to
repeat anything from there.  I guess it's just worth noting that he isn't
the only one that wants to (read-line) from a function invoked on the REPL.
 My use case is similar to his.  I have functions that take several
arguments.  It's easier on the human brain to ask for the data through a
series of prompts instead of using a long function call.  I'm also toying
with the idea of using readline to add tab completion to some of my prompts.
 I haven't tried Readline, yet, though.

- Bill

On Mon, Jan 10, 2011 at 8:36 PM, Bill Hager
<whager+plt at gmail.com<whager%2Bplt at gmail.com>
> wrote:

> Hi All.
> I'm having an issue with (read-line).  Below is some output from running
> the attached rkt file on my system(Ubuntu 10.10, Racket 5.0.2).  In the
> first instance the script runs, and as I expect I can enter a string such as
> "Hello". When I use the repl it does not work like I expect it to, and I
> don't get a chance to enter a string.  Any ideas?  I thought about
> flushing/discarding data from the input port before calling (read-line), but
> I only found a function for flushing an output port.
> Thanks!
> bash$ racket -l scheme -t "read-test.rkt" -e "(read-input)"
> Enter a string: Hello
> "Hello"
> bash$ racket
> Welcome to Racket v5.0.2.
> > (require "read-test.rkt")
> > (read-input)
> Enter a string: ""
> >
> - Bill
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