[racket] Key Shortcuts

From: Miguel Villaverde (mvillaverde at gmail.com)
Date: Wed Jan 5 11:41:07 EST 2011

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De: Greg Hendershott [mailto:greghendershott at gmail.com] 
Enviado el: lunes, 03 de enero de 2011 16:30

In other words there aren't shortcut keys ("accelerators") per se
bound to these commands. But you can use the keyboard to choose an
item from a menu, as usual in Windows. (This is the one biggest thing
I miss when I'm using OS X. (No, pressing C+F2 arrow arrow arrow arrow
... isn't the same :) )).

So ALT+C opens the Ra_c_ket menu and C (or ALT+C is fine if you still
have the ALT key held down) chooses the _C_omment Out with Semicolons

Yeah, I got that, thanks. :)

At any rate, I find it a bit surprising that there aren't any "proper"
shortcuts for this in DrRacket. There's a bazillion of them under Active
Keybindings, and I doubt all of them are more useful or frequently used than
the act of commenting/uncommenting code. But then I'm not a professional
programmer, so what do I know.

On a loosely related note, are there any plans of implementing a vi-mode for
DrRacket? I've never actually used vi, mind you, but I've always been
intrigued by its "do everything with the keyboard without so much as looking
at it" philosophy. Having it in DrRacket might entice me to actually try it.

I hope the Emacs crowd won't be terribly offended by this suggestion. :)


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