[racket] openssl - authenticating clients via certificates

From: Curtis Dutton (curtdutt at gmail.com)
Date: Wed Jan 5 07:37:33 EST 2011

I am interested in implementing authentication via client browser
certificates with a racket webserver.

I have a small online store website that has both a public side, for
anybody, and a set of pages that are private for the management interface of
that website.

But I don't like the risk of only using a password to access the admin side.
I'd like to be able to issue certificates to my client's browsers such that
only a set few computers on their business premises can access the admin
interface and ultimately get to sensitive customer information.

Something nice to have would also be the ability to blacklist certificates
(similar to how OpenVPN can reject specific user's certificates) just in
case a certificate ever became compromised.

Has anybody figured out a way to do this yet?

 I am willing to volunteer some effort to help implement. Any pointers on
where to get started, design considerations, etc... are appreciated if that
is the case.

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