[racket] clean up after stateless servlets

From: Jay McCarthy (jay.mccarthy at gmail.com)
Date: Mon Jan 3 15:47:48 EST 2011

The */forget functions delete continuations from the server table.
There is no server table for stateless servlets[*], so those functions
don't do anything extra. You could use server state on your own to do
something similar.


[*] Actually they do, but that's just for the native components, etc
that you won't necessarily use.

2011/1/3 Stefan Schmiedl <s at xss.de>:
> Final question for today:
> Are stateless servlets supposed to be "forgettable"?
> Using stateful servlets I can use e.g. redirect/get/forget
> to render a concluded "session" (relatively) inaccessible.
> Is there a similar mechanism for stateless servlets that I
> am just not seeing?
> Thanks,
> s.
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