[racket] Wikipedia article improvements

From: Joan Arnaldich (jarnaldich at gmail.com)
Date: Tue Aug 16 17:10:22 EDT 2011

Neil Van Dyke <neil at ...> writes:

> The obvious response to a Wikipedia editor asserting that Racket is "not 
> very notable" is to say "citation needed". :)

Mmmm... one could argue that it is impossible to prove non-existence
of references... :P

> But seriously, although it sounds like the editor's rationale is tinged 
> with opinion, it might also be the true that the page arguably doesn't 
> really belong in Wikipedia, even if you see an analogous page for 
> Haskell.  Perhaps you can rethink the page, or someone can contribute 
> comparative discussion of why the examples are significant in a PL 
> context.  I couldn't make a good enough case for those examples, myself.

I see your point, but as stated in the AfD, the same pattern is
repeated for other computer languages (not just Haskell). I could
understand the policy if it was universal, not conditioned to the
popularity (disguised as notability) of a language.

Besides that, IMHO, I do think it is useful for readers interested in
knowing more about a programming language (say, before deciding if
they're going to invest some time learning it or not) to see actual
examples of this kind, without leaving wikipedia, if only to get a
taste of what can be done and how code looks like... even more in
Racket's case, where it can be strange for a newcomer to understand
why code can look so different... I think that's the kind of reader
who would search for Racket in the Wikipedia. That, like the name of
the page, is of course open for discussion... but I do not think the
particular reasons given for the deletion proposal make much sense.

> It looks like you've done a lot of work to provide some context and 
> narrative for the examples from the home page.  If Wikipedia doesn't use 
> that, perhaps there's some other place it could be used.

In fact, since I am new to Racket, I expected the article to be a
starting point... that is why most of the examples com from the main
page... but of course, that's only possible if it's not deleted.

Well, thanks and cheers! :)

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