[racket] Failed to build Racket Textual 5.1.2 (CentOS)

From: Rodolfo Carvalho (rhcarvalho at gmail.com)
Date: Fri Aug 12 19:44:01 EDT 2011

On Fri, Aug 12, 2011 at 19:19, Matthew Flatt <mflatt at cs.utah.edu> wrote:

> The problem seems to be that __sync_bool_compare_and_swap() is
> available only when the compiler knows that its generating code for
> i486 or up, and it's not available when compiling for i386.
> The Racket headers files try to use C pre-processor tests to decide
> whether to use __sync_bool_compare_and_swap(), but a `configure' test
> will be more reliable. I'll push that change.
> Meanwhile, the workarounds are either to add something like
> "-march=i486" to CFLAGS or change "mzrt.h" at line 89 to `#if 1'.

I confirm that both workarounds work. I compiled and installed in-place
twice, once with each workaround, just to check.

Thanks a lot! Now I have racket running at Webfaction :D


Rodolfo Carvalho
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