[racket] Some newbie trouble on running Web Server on EC 2

From: J G Cho (gcho at fundingmatters.com)
Date: Wed Apr 20 13:03:45 EDT 2011


I've been going thru 2 Racket tutorials
(http://docs.racket-lang.org/continue/index.html and
http://docs.racket-lang.org/more/index.html). Very informative, and
they run fine on my laptop. (OSX Intel 10.6.7 Racket 5.1)

In addition, I am trying to run them on Amazon EC2 with some
challenges (doing it with Jauny AMI and Racket textual build 5.1 for
Jaunty.). Most of the tutorials work fine except 2 places:

1. Following along the system (aka '/more') tutorial: When evaluating
(require readline), REPL sometimes hangs but not all the time.

2. Following along the blog webapp: When running model-3.rkt (sqlite3)
fails due to missing something.  (libsqlite.so ?)  [I realize there is
v5 now but this was done with sqlite v4 from PLanet per tutorial.
Lots of warnings and complaints during require phase, it seems.] I can
run sqlite3 by itself fine. It can read and dump some test sql via shell.

JUST TO BE CLEAR, I don't expect anyone to go out of their way to fix
the above,
JUST TO BE CLEAR. Lots of other things can be blamed, I understand. Network,
EC2 particulars, Jaunty AMI, etc.

Question is: Has anybody done this on EC2 or other 'cloud' platform?
If so, I would love to hear/read about pitfalls.

Also, if you know running Racket on Xen or other virtual setup is not
advisable, please let me know before I spend too much time/effort.

3. One more. This observation regards Dr Racket.
Sometimes I cannot type [ or ]. It becomes ( or ).

First I thought my machine was acting up. But I noticed that I can
type 'cond(['  fine. So I am thinking its the Dr who is 'helping me
too much'.  If so, Dr should consider that '[' appears in other places
beside 'cond(['.

Question: Am I the only one experiencing this issue with '['?

Sorry to bring down the intelligence level of this mailing list
with my questions about 'immediate utility'. My apologies.



PS: I am keeping a note here
(http://pixbyfunc.appspot.com/pub/racketoncloud/first.html). It's not
quite done yet but you can look at the issues surrounding sqlite3 in
case you want to duplicate.

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