[racket] Processes : system*

From: David Delfieu (david.delfieu at univ-nantes.fr)
Date: Tue Apr 12 08:52:21 EDT 2011

hello all,

I'm having some trouble using system* to run executable compiled from a racket program :

In a racket program defining a gui, i put the call :
 (system* "Penelope_parsed_file" (change-ext f_xml "xml" "par"))

Where "Penelope_parsed_file" is a compiled executable of a racket program, and (change... ) is a file name, parameter of the command.

In interactive mode, my program work fine. When i try to compile it (in every mode), the execution of my compiled progrm gives  an error : 

MacBook-David-4:~ david$ /Users/david/Documents/Mes_Developpements/Penelope/1.4/Penelope ; exit;
(object:button% ...)
(object:button% ...)
(object:button% ...)
racket: exec failed (-1)

Questions :

- Is it possible to call executable with parameters in compiled code ?

- Can you give me advises to call programs from gui ?


David Delfieu, 			
Polytech'Nantes - Electrical departement  

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