[racket] Solumns: evil version of columns

From: Johnny Morrice (spoon at killersmurf.com)
Date: Fri Apr 1 14:43:41 EDT 2011

I've been writing an evil version of columns (the classic sega game) in
racket, called Solumns.

It stands for "sub-optimal Columns".  Also it sounds like it will make
players sad.

It attempts to give players disadvantageous combinations of colours.

I've been told it's "****ing annoying".

It isn't finished yet, but it does work (on my computer...)

Download the source at

The algorithms involved are described by this blog post

See the README on how to run, or mail me, documentation is sparse so
that's okay.

You'll also need a build system called rake (comes with ruby 1.9,
separate for 1.8)

I've only tested this on linux (gentoo, with racket from the lisp

Have fun,

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