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Date: Thu Nov 4 12:38:18 EDT 2010

On Nov 4, 2010, at 9:45 AM, wooks . wrote:Unless you are headed for CS grad school or  are Google/Microsoft material (by ability or by being in a brand name school) nobody really cares about your CS degree.

I think this is an overly narrow perspective. 
NEU works with a lot of co-op employers (100s) and almost all of them care about high quality programming. Indeed, they forced NEU to re-train MS students when they enter because the typical NEU/MS co-op student wasn't as good as the undergraduates we produce. 
I am sure there are companies that don't care what kind of software they produce but there is a dearth of good programmers as far as our co-op employers are concerned. 
-- Matthias

Everybody (including most companies, including me before I was exposed to  the Design Recipe and FP) thinks the software they produce is good. 

Many companies are not enlightened enough to seek alliances with universities that are producing well trained programmers. 

I would absolutely agree that there is a dearth of good programmers etc but the response of many employers to this problem is to widen their recruitment outside (and often far far outside) of the discipline. 

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