[racket] rotate an image using 2htdp/image

From: Mathew Kurian (bluejamesbond at gmail.com)
Date: Tue Jul 20 01:03:48 EDT 2010

Woah...so many good responses...thank you all

Now give me some time to read all of this and try to understand before I ask
another question.

NOTE: This topic is not yet closed. I will get back with a response in a
bit. Gotta ask my professor some questions as well.

Paul Ojanen's reply outlined the issue that was being caused in my program.
Now the question is "How do I center that triangle on the screen?"
Don't give me code please, I want to learn it by myself. But, it will be
helpful if anyone can give me some theory behind it?

Give me some more time to read all the responses and will get back to yall.

Thanks again.
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