[racket] [htdp] Help with Exercise 12.4.2

From: Sam Griff (sgriff89 at gmail.com)
Date: Wed Jul 7 22:31:12 EDT 2010

> You're not consistent with the formatting of your documentation.
Yeah... Sorry about that... I was mostly documenting the functions in
a way that would most help me understand what was going on. I agree
with you consistent documentation is important.

> So, is that table really useful?
I think so. I'm a visual person and it helped me see what was going on
in the function and what each recursive step was producing. I know you
advocate the DRs and making a Wish List but at the beginning of this
exercise I wasn't clear what the process was and what functions would
be needed in the Wish List but making the chart helped me see what
functions were needed.

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