[plt-scheme] mzc not found?!

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Sun Jan 31 18:35:21 EST 2010

On Jan 31, David Cummings wrote:
>     I ended up finding mzc -- the install script doesn't seem to
> copy them over to the directory set with --prefix. I ended up
> running the build locally (without --prefix) and manually copying
> the executables in the bin directory of the unpacked tar. mzscheme
> and mred got copied fine, but are also built in the src/ directory,
> not one level up. I got everything working, just figured someone
> might want to check on the script.

Except for the `mzscheme' and `mred' executables, everything in "bin"
is a launcher script that runs them.  Mixing such launchers from an
in-place build (one without a `--prefx') to a unix-style build (with
it) is a bad idea, since the launchers will in general look for the
binary executables in different ways.

Running `make install' after `configure --prefix=/whevever' *should*
work.  If it didn't then please look through the output (of `make
install'), it might have some errors that will point at the problem.

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