[plt-scheme] Teach Yourself Scheme

From: Emmanuel Schanzer (schanzer at bootstrapworld.org)
Date: Fri Jan 22 11:24:31 EST 2010

> That made me think of another idea, for DrScheme itself.  Have little boxes on a DrScheme source page, that each just contain the name of a function.  Click on a box, and a window pops up (or div section expands) that has spaces for contract, purpose, tests, code.  You get to run your tests on that function in that new window.  When you're done with that function, close the window and the little box in the original window turns to a happy color.  The modularity this suggests, even within a single source file, could help make big hairy complex functionality seem more accessible and bite-sized.
This is exactly the GUI I have in mind for an educational mode in WeScheme. In fact, the environment should be reflected in this DIV, so that bound variables, functions, etc are all accessible in the same way, regardless of how many lambdas deep the programmer is. Screenshots to follow [when my to-do list is shorter...]

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