[plt-scheme] Installing plt trunk

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Sun Jan 10 18:38:43 EST 2010

On Jan 10, Arend van der Veen wrote:
> Hi All,
> I just installed plt scheme from svn trunk using the following commands:
> cd plt-trunk/src
> ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/plt-trunk --enable-shared
> make both
> sudo make install-both


1. It's usually better to run configure from a build directory, rather
   than in-place.

2. Building without `--prefix' is much more convenient when you're
   dealing with builds from svn -- once you're done with the build,
   you can move the resulting directory to some other place, and/or
   use symlinks for executables etc.  (As a sidenote, this makes it
   possible to run "make install" as yourself and then move the whole
   thing somewhere, which will bypass the problem.)

> I do not have this issue with plt scheme version 4.1.2 (the last
> release that I compiled from source).  In this release, .plt-scheme
> was not created as part of make install-both.

This is probably because you used the 4.1.2 source tgz.  When you get
the full svn repository, you get a number of collections (like handin
server) that have their docs build in your ~/.plt-scheme directory.

On Jan 10, David Brown wrote:
> I can understand 'make install' rebuilding planet packages when
> changing compiler versions, but wouldn't this happen anyway, when
> the packages are used?
> Perhaps the 'make install' target should do the equivalent of
>    setup-plt --no-planet

I think that there was some reason for not doing so, but I don't
remember the details.

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