[plt-scheme] Re: GUI

From: Peter Horst (phorst at speakeasy.net)
Date: Sun Jan 10 15:37:20 EST 2010

Eli Barzilay wrote:
> [snip]
> So I'm considering a policy of -- if you're not subscribed and you post a
> message, you get subscribed.  An alternative would be to subscribe
> with no email delivery, but I think that a better default (assuming
> that it's someone who is new to these things) is to have a normal
> subscription.  Any points against or in favor?  Or maybe other
> suggested alternatives?
> [snip]
In my opinion (which counts for $.01) it would be a (minor) violation of 
etiquette to subscribe someone to a mailing list without an affirmative 
request on their part more substantive than the act of sending a post 
(that feels a bit "click-through-license"-ish to me).

It would also be somewhat rude to just bounce all messages from 
non-subscribers with a note saying "here's how to subscribe," but I 
still think that's the better answer.  A bounce is a defensive reaction 
to  someone else's mistaken action, whereas auto-subscription has an 
aggressive flavor.

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