[plt-scheme] Re: GUI

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Sun Jan 10 15:27:17 EST 2010

Avi: since you continue to post without subscribing, and you continue
to ignore my requests to subscribe, I have subscribed you to the list.

Everyone else: Sorry about the off-topic, but besides trying to get
through to someone who didn't reply to to emails and might be reading
the reply on-line somewhere else, I'd like to have a quick poll.
Dealing with posts by non-members is a major source of hassle.  Not so
much in filtering held messages (I do that quickly: if you're not
subscribed then your message better look like a valid one at a quick
glance or it's too bad), but in the endless discussions on
subscribing, dealing with multiple addresses, and on-line reading.  So
I'm considering a policy of -- if you're not subscribed and you post a
message, you get subscribed.  An alternative would be to subscribe
with no email delivery, but I think that a better default (assuming
that it's someone who is new to these things) is to have a normal
subscription.  Any points against or in favor?  Or maybe other
suggested alternatives?

(As for why there is a need to do something: the list is getting a
good number of spams each day (after the usual filtering and
detection) -- I'm seeing these things manually and let the valid posts
gets through -- so if there's a valid post that is in html or a binary
attachement or any of a few other features, it gets discarded.)

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