[plt-scheme] Suitability of typed scheme for replacement of c language for microcontrollers

From: Seth Burleigh (seth at tewebs.com)
Date: Sat Feb 20 21:20:38 EST 2010

I am in general interested in programming microcontrollers. One
deficiency of c that i dislike is the severe limitation of its macro
system. Therefore i would prefer programming microcontrollers in scheme
except for the fact that c is way faster because it doesn't infer type.
Ideally, I would be able to program in a scheme in which types weren't
inferred which would then convert itself to c which would then be
compiled by avr-gcc.

Which brings me to typed scheme. According to what i see, no type
inference is involved. So what do you think: would it be possible to
build a program which converts typed sheme straightforwardly to c? Or
would there be some large obstacles im overlooking? I couldn't find in
the manual how i would gain access to the actual types to somehow
compile it to c...

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