[plt-scheme] problems (with PLAI Scheme) on 4.2.4

From: Eric Tanter (etanter at dcc.uchile.cl)
Date: Thu Apr 1 18:06:07 EDT 2010

Hi Jay,

Thanks for the quick reply!

> PLAI is not included in 4.2.1 or 4.2.4. Your installations of the
> respective versions must have different versions of the PLaneT
> package, one of which must have that bug, which was previously found
> and fixed.

yes, my 4.2.1 has (planet "plai-tool.ss" ("plai" "plai.plt" 1 4))
and my 4.2.4 has (planet "plai-tool.ss" ("plai" "plai.plt" 1 20))

I have installed using the procedure described on the website, ie. "(require (planet plai/plai:1:3))"

is there a newer incantation to install the latest PLAI?

> 4.2.5, which will be coming out soon, includes PLAI. In that version,
> your example runs as expected:
> #lang plai
> (define-type Foo
> (foo (x number?)))
> (foo 1)
> =>
> (foo 1)
> I'm not sure what "freezing" experience you're having. However, in the
> version in 4.2.5, I've optimized a few things.

Great, I'm looking forward to 4.2.5 then. An important practical question for me now (since the semester is starting in Chile and I have students striving to get PLAI running properly on 4.2.4) is: 
- how long since 4.2.5? 
- or, should I just try to install the newer PLAI in 4.2.4 (if there is another version than plai:1:3)?
- or back to an older versino of PLAI?

Thanks a lot,

-- Éric

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