[plt-scheme] a separate window for interactions

From: Matthias Felleisen (matthias at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Thu Sep 24 09:36:40 EDT 2009

On Sep 24, 2009, at 9:28 AM, Keiko Nakata wrote:

>> What I am suggesting gives you a way to have a full screen  
>> Interactions
>> window and a full screen Definitions window that you can jump between
>> with one (compound) keystroke.  That seems to be what you're asking  
>> for.
> Indeed. I see your point.
> Actually I just have to resize the window;
> how many frames I have, I can not have a bigger window in total than  
> the screen :D

I used to use emacs for Scheme and I don't quite understand your  

Like Emacs,
  -- DrScheme allows full-screen size
  -- you can split the window horizontally or vertically
  -- you can navigate back and forth (though I admit that emacs is  
easier, to this day)
  -- you can move the 'navigation' panel to the top or to the side (I  
don't even know whether emacs can have a status bar on the side)

Since we wish to accommodate users as much as possible, we really  
appreciate precise descriptions. Thanks. -- Matthias


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