[plt-scheme] change font size in DrScheme edit/interactions window?

From: Lee Spector (lspector at hampshire.edu)
Date: Tue Sep 15 07:24:21 EDT 2009

Is there a way to change (increase) the font size in DrScheme's edit/ 
interactions windows? I'm using Mac OS X if that makes a difference.

I'm trying to use DrScheme in a classroom setting in which the  
projector resolution and physical layout of the room conspire to make  
code unreadable to most of the students. The Mac OS X screen zoom  
feature has worked as a stop-gap so far, but it can be disorienting  
and what I really want is just for the text in the editor/interactions  
window to be in a larger font.


Searching the docs I was only able to find ways to change the size of  
fonts in slideshows and the like, but nothing on changing the DrScheme  



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