[plt-scheme] Re: Large file support in PLT Scheme

From: Martin Dirichs (plt-scheme at dirichs.fastmail.fm)
Date: Fri Sep 4 06:56:13 EDT 2009

Maybe I should provide some more details. When compiling C code, large file
support is intended to work without modifications to the code itself. All that
is needed is to supply some flags to the C compiler. The flags to be specified
for some system can be inspected with

getconf LFS_CFLAGS

On Ubuntu Hardy 32bit, this command returns


Experimenting with a small C program that calls stat() for a large file, I could
verify that LFS support in principle works as expected.

So what I was trying was to recompile the PLT Scheme source with some flags:

cd plt-4.2.1/src
make install

While compiling the source after configure was finished, I could see that the
flags were supplied to the gcc invocations all right. However, the resulting
mzscheme executable still was not able to handle large files correctly.

Does anyone have an idea what I'm missing?

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