[plt-scheme] Large file support in PLT Scheme

From: Martin Dirichs (plt-scheme at dirichs.fastmail.fm)
Date: Thu Sep 3 06:20:35 EDT 2009


does PLT Scheme allow handling of large files >2GiB on 32bit systems?
I am using a manually compiled 4.2.1-version under Linux and noticed
that while large files are no problem with 64bit Linux, operating with
those file under 32bit Linux doesn't work. Trying to recompile with
gcc compiler flag -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 seems to make no difference.

For example, (file-size "large-file") results in file not found error,
(file-exists? "large-file") yields #f, (fold-files ...) reports "path

Is there a way to enable large file support for 32bit systems?

  Martin Dirichs.

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