[plt-scheme] Re: How difficult would creating a collaborative multi-user online virtual world application be in PLT Scheme?

From: Dale Hurtt (dhurtt at sprintmail.com)
Date: Fri Jun 12 00:00:51 EDT 2009

On Jun 11, 2:59 am, Noel Welsh <noelwe... at gmail.com> wrote:

> The big problem would, I expect, be serialising data from one machine
> to another. Not every value in PLT Scheme can be serialised.
> Functions, I think, are the prime example.

Interesting that you mention that. I was just reading about newLISP
(http://www.newlisp.org/) and one of the features with the language is
that functions are first class lists. I was wondering about the value
of that feature and it sounds like you just answered it.

Not a reason necessarily to give up the ghost on Scheme, but it helps
me understand the benefits of the feature.


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