[plt-scheme] lc-with-redex

From: R. Emre Başar (reb at cs.bilgi.edu.tr)
Date: Mon Jun 8 13:48:11 EDT 2009

I started converting it to scribble for easier publication online etc...
Is it OK for everybody?

Jos Koot der ki:
> Thanks for the conversions. I am overwhelmed by your friendly responses. 
> I have downloaded CutePDF. Did not know there was a free converter. The 
> converted pdf files do not recognize links links within the document nor 
> to local files, but I'll find a way to circumvent that (I probably should 
> write out the full urls)
> Anyway there is now a pdf version at http://telefonica.net/web2/koot/lc-with-redex.pdf
> A version with correct hyperlinks is to come today or tomorrow.
> Thanks to all of you, and of course thanks to the authors who permitted 
> me to steel and modify their material (Daniel P. Friedman, Matthias 
> Felleisen, Douglas R. Hofstadter) I also used knowledge and an example 
> from Barendregt's book "The Lambda Calculus, ... " but I have not been 
> able to contact him.
> Jos
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>> Jos--
>> Here you go...and FYI, in addition to OpenOffice (which may be your
>> best bet for doing the conversion yourself), if you have access to a
>> Mac or know anyone who does, at this point OS X provides conversion to
>> PDF for any program that can print.
>> Thanks for making this document -- a nice review of the LC!
>> Best,
>> jmj
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>> On Jun 7, 2009, at 1:55 PM, Jos Koot wrote:
>>> Someone wrote me off list: "Very cool. I think it would be great as
>>> a PDF or Scribble document."
>>> My answer:
>>> "Thanks for your nice reaction. You are right, of course. However, I
>>> do not have tools on my PC to convert msword doc files to pdf.
>>> As a scribbler I am a terrible know/can-nothing. May be someone is
>>> willing to do the conversion to pdf for me. In that case please
>>> use the most recent version in http://telefonica.net/web2/koot/lc-with-redex.zip
>>>  . I am retired, which means that I have to pay
>>> myself for all resources. I am not poor, but neither rich."
>>> How great that PLT-Scheme is for free!!!
>>> Jos
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R. Emre Başar
İstanbul Bilgi University
Department of Computer Science
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