[plt-scheme] Log "every change in" Definitions and Interactions...

From: Marco Morazan (morazanm at gmail.com)
Date: Mon Jan 26 11:30:36 EST 2009

> Let's not be so negative.

Negative? I am surprised that you, Shriram, would qualify my remarks
as negative. I will grant you that I may have offered unsolicited
remarks (doubtful given this is a public mailing list). They were
offered, nonetheless, in the interest of helping Fatih design the best
study he can. There was nothing negative in them. In the remarks,
there was a word of caution based on my perspective (which Fatih and
others may judge as valid or as something that can safely be ignored).

> I do agree with the specific points raised here, which is that it
> would help to scope the hypotheses carefully before going off to
> compute data, but I also think some data gathering of this form could
> be useful and some hypotheses can be usefully falsified.

In the end, we do agree on the main idea behind my comments. :-)




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