[plt-scheme] Linking units with multiple dependencies

From: Thomas Chust (chust at web.de)
Date: Sun Dec 20 19:08:23 EST 2009

Anthony Cowley schrieb:
> Here's an example with no use of inference.
> [...]
> (define-compound-unit a+b+c@
>   (import)
>   (export C)
>   (link (((A : a^)) a@)
>         (((B : b^)) b@)
>         (((C : c^ )) c@ A B)))
> [...]


apparently I'm really quite dumb not to try out that syntax, but at
least I have an excuse since the documentation of the linkage-decl part
of a compound-unit form states that the third element in those lists is
a plain tagged-link-id and no ellipses are specified, which makes the
... A B part in the above statement formally illegal ;-)

I guess the documentation should be fixed.


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