[plt-scheme] Can anyone give me some help on running Untyped "Smoke" testapp?

From: Nevo (sakur.deagod at gmail.com)
Date: Mon Dec 7 11:22:22 EST 2009

hi, Dave:
   Thanks for your provided list .Though it should still need some work 
to get everything to work, but you point me a walkable way to go anyway. 
I'll try to make them work as you suggested.
    Btw, may I ask when possibly would you put "Smoke" into planet ? 

> Hi Nevo,
> We're in a state of flux right now - the most bleeding edge versions 
> of these libraries are in branches.
> The root of the problems is Dispatch, which we've updated in the 
> "bridge" branch but not released. Dispatch is used by the unit tests 
> in Smoke and Delirium, so both of those are in branches too. 
> Unfortunately we have old versions of things in production code and on 
> PLaneT, so it's a pain to move things around and sort them out.
> Here's the list of things I think you need for the latest and greatest 
> version of Smoke:
>   - unlib trunk;
>   - mirrors trunk;
>   - dispatch bridge branch;
>   - delirium bridge branch;
>   - smoke bridge branch.
> I hope to get this sorted out over Christmas. At the very least, I 
> want to get the new branches of dispatch and delirium released on 
> PLaneT. It's just a matter of documenting them really, which always 
> takes longer than you think.
> Cheers,
> -- Dave
> Nevo wrote:
>> hi:
>>   I was originally sending this mail to Matt in Untyped team,and he 
>> suggested me to ask here instead . So I'm writing here to ask for 
>> some help on running "Smoke" testapp from Untyped's open source svn 
>> repo to get known about the "Smoke" library.
>>   I'm new to plt scheme (though not new to scheme language) , and now 
>> trying to build a simple blog website for myself by using plt web 
>> server because it might be enjoyful to do scheme in web application. 
>> Then I found out Untyped team provided many cool and useful tools.  
>> Now I'd like to run "Smoke" testapp which is based on schematics-unit 
>> .However, when I simply do "mzscheme -f run-tests.ss under 
>> "smoke/trunk/src" , it just gave me compiling error all the time , 
>> something like "web-server/run-smoke.ss:76:45: compile: unbound 
>> identifier in module in: test/text-ui/pause-on-fail". My Plt Scheme 
>> version is " MzScheme v4.2.3.3" (built from plt scheme's trunk).  So 
>> can anyone give me some help on running smoke testapp?
>>   I should mention here that I've also tried to run the smoke branch 
>> code ,with some modifications in order to get it run , but not work. 
>> One of problems I got was the "core" module collections were missing 
>> from planet snooze  (I  just  found that it  was there in  snooze 
>> branch "guid").
>>    Thanks for your help  here
>> Nevo
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