[plt-scheme] Re: Scheme Steering Committee Position Statement

From: Tom Gordon (thomas.gordon at fokus.fraunhofer.de)
Date: Fri Aug 21 19:27:08 EDT 2009

Sam TH <samth at ...> writes:

>  I don't see why they
> belong under 'small' rather than 'large', especially given the
> excellent experience that many people, myself included, have had doing
> both teaching and research with PLT Scheme.

One way to interpret the proposal is that it is following PLT's lead. 
 PLT isn't one language, but an (extensible) set of languages.  
At last count, PLT ships with than 10 teaching languages (e.g. Beginning 
Student .. Advanced Student, and four German language versions),  
3 legacy languages (e.g. R5RS), four experimental languages, R6RS and 
PLT's latest own "Scheme" dialect.

Apparently the large versions of PLT are not used for teaching 
purposes, at least not initially, but rather the smaller versions.

-Tom Gordon

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