[plt-scheme] Embarrasingly basic GUI question

From: Stephen De Gabrielle (stephen.degabrielle at acm.org)
Date: Wed Aug 12 03:03:10 EDT 2009

There is a wiki with a set of Gui programs, but the are mostly pre v4,
and no longer work from memory.  As a starting point they may be ok if
you remember they complemented the v3 'help desk', and are not
comprehensive in their scope. (schemewiki I think - I don't have the
address on hand)

A good section would be subclassing the various primary objects;
frame, editor-canvas, snip. I should be able to find some simple
examples If you need them.


On Wednesday, August 12, 2009, Gregg Williams <spamme at innerpaths.net> wrote:
>> If anyone can point to some neat examples, I'd still be keen to
>> see 'em.
> As another newbie, I second this. I've been searching the web for GUI-
> based Scheme source code and haven't found much. I have the source
> code for DrScheme, but it's such a large project that I have
> difficulty making sense of it.
> I remember a thread on this mailing list where someone talked about a
> community effort to create example programs showing GUI code in
> context. I believe it would be a real benefit to the community to
> create such a resource. Maybe the lack of such a resource is the cause
> for my inability to find GUI-based Scheme source code in the first
> place.
> I have an extensive background as a technology writer/editor (BYTE
> magazine, Apple Computer) and would be interested in writing
> documentation to explain GUI code that someone else has written. It
> would be great for someone to devise a list of sample programs that,
> together, would get a beginner up and started writing GUI-based Scheme
> programs. Then various people could commit to writing individual
> programs and documenting them. If anybody's interested in this idea,
> please let me know.
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